Popular Christmas Kids Bath Toy To Blame For Toddler’s Burns On Hand

Updated January 15, 2018

Just in time for Christmas, one mother is sounding the alarm that Hatchimals bath bombs might not be safe for some children. Although these items are flying off the shelves, Jennifer Renee claims that the season’s favorite toy left her daughter with chemical burns after it was used in the bathtub. In a Facebook post where Renee shared her story about the dangerous product, she told the world how her daughter’s “Hatchimals” bath bomb left her daughter in pain. More than 130,000 people shared the story on their Facebook pages.

“PSA! Do NOT buy this for your children!” she wrote on Dec. 7. “Followed directions on the package and placed in her bathtub. Thought it would be fun for her because there was a toy inside. After being in the water 30-45 seconds, she stated her skin was hurting, upon looking she has received a chemical burn from a KIDS BATH BOMB.”

Jennifer did not identify her daughter in the post but said that she was not holding the chemically dangerous bath bomb. The girl has used others before and has never experienced horrible chemical burns as she did with this favorite brand.

Jennifer said she called the company. And they told her that the batch number that she purchased as a loving present for her daughter was “being investigated and is likely going to be recalled as numerous reports have been made (not all the burning reaction she got).”

Thousands of people are reacting to Jennifer’s post. But this has not slowed Hatchimals from selling their dangerous products online. As of Friday, they were still online and available for purchase. Apparently, the company wants to sell as many as possible before the Christmas holiday despite this one mother’s horrible experience.

Spin Master is the parent company of the bath bomb producer. The company had learned about the chemical burn incident via the Facebook post and is “in the process of looking into the matter with the licensee company to whom Spin Master licensed the Hatchimals brand,” Allure reported.

The company released a statement that continued:

“We are saddened to learn about a young girl’s injuries. That said, it would be premature to comment further on the situation until we learn more. We are working closely with the product’s licensee manufacturer and distributor to determine whether there are any product issues.”

Although the company is supposedly investigating, Jennifer shared an update on her original post:

“(My daughter) has had these before and all different brands. I called the company, and the batch number being investigated and is likely going to be recalled as numerous reports have been made (not all the burning reaction she got). It is so easy for a person working in a factory to overdo the ingredients in a batch and just ignore it. Went to the doctor this morning and it was, in fact, a chemical burn not a reaction. I am posting this just in hopes people will monitor closely. Everyone loves bath bombs. Lesson learned. All natural ones from now on.”