Footage Captured On Day Care Security Camera Has Parents Terrified (video)

Updated January 16, 2018

When working parents have to leave their children in the hands of daycare professionals, they have every reason to believe that their kids will be safe. One woman had a brief scare, however, when a stranger attempted to pick up her kids from their childcare center. Donisha Taylor’s three children have gone to the Emmanuel Family and Child Development Center in Kansas City for the past year and there have never been any issues. Recently, however, an employee at the daycare called Donisha at work with some scary news. She told Fox 4:

“I was crying. I was panicking. It’s just crazy how people are really out there trying to pick up people’s kids. It’s just so scary. I’m still shaking.”

Donisha recounted the phone call she received, saying: “She said a complete stranger was their trying to get her to release my children to him.”

The man was caught on video by the center’s security camera. He told the front desk worker he was there to pick up Donisha’s children, as she explained: “He stood there in the front lobby, and he was like, ‘Well I’m here to pick up the two girls and a boy.’ I just want to know why did he want my kids? I never, ever saw this man with dreadlocks in my life. It was just so scary.”

Even more troubling, the woman said, was that the man knew her children’s names. She explained: “Even though my children all have unique names that start with the letter ‘Z,’ he kept trying to pronounce them to the the worker and he even knew one of my children’s last name.”

Donisha added: “I still don’t even know how he would even know what day care they would go to. I don’t bother nobody. All I do is work and take care of my babies. They’re my pride and joy.”

Thankfully, the worker was suspicious of the man and asked for identification. Donisha explained, “She was like, ‘Sir, what’s your name?’ He was like, ‘I have my ID,’ but then he said, ‘Oh I can’t find my ID,’ so then he started fumbling around, feeling on his pockets and just said, ‘Well mom’s outside.’ The worker was like ‘so can you go get mom?’”

The man, clearly not fooling the front desk employee, suddenly left.

Deborah Mann, executive director at the center, noted that the whole situation is “Very scary because you know today’s world, and people are so crazy and wicked. You don’t know what he had in mind. We’re just thankful my staff knew what to do.”

Though a security video captured footage of the man, Deborah said that she’s considering installing additional security measures at the facility.

Donisha admitted that she’s been a bit on edge since the incident, explaining, “It has made me more protective. I just keep looking around now and making sure nobody’s following me. I’m also still scared he can come back. You just never know. I hope police can find him.”